What Is RedNerrus ?

RedNerrus (pronounced red-nur-rus) is a word that the founder coined that means to “never give up.” The brand encourages people to never surrender to their unfortunate circumstances; "RedNerrus" is the word “surrender” spelled backwards. This activewear is for those who refuse to give-in to their unfortunate circumstances; young inner-city athletes that grow up poor –but find a way to succeed, people who have doors closed in their faces –but they find a window to get through, people in poverty battling diseases, and young leaders with mental disorders that refuse to fall victim to their circumstances.

RedNerrus is for “real-life-gladiators" that push and fight for their dreams, even when they cannot see the light at the end of the tunnel; those who fight until the very-end. "When you see someone with RedNerrus gear on, they’re not making a fashion statement because it’s not about the latest fashion trend. It's about the way that they FEEL. Forget what we're wearing; just know that we're UNSTOPPABLE when you see us in RedNerrus. We're not rocking fashion in our eyes, we're wearing our attitudes on our chests,” says the founders.